"I am NOT a Career Politician.

I AM one of YOU!"

Cut Taxes

Flooding & Drainage

Term Limits

The Issues

Reduce Burdensome Property Taxes

Families are struggling with rising property taxes and they must be reduced in a meaningful way.

Drainage will be a High Priority!

My Top Priority will be drainage resolution and improving disaster recovery strategies for the future.

Support Term Limit referendum

Politicians can become complacent in office and they look after themselves and their own best interest. I believe elected officials should be public servants.

Growing businesses for the Community

We are positioned to be a state leader in economic development. I will meet with City Leaders in our Commissioners pct. to help them in their efforts to bring businesses that benefit our communities off the home owners.

Improving Mobility

I will focus on building better roads, a smarter traffic grid, properly timed stop lights and reducing traffic congestion.

Representing YOU to have the best Quality of Life!

I will be present and listen to your needs. With every single vote I make as a commissioner I will be thinking of you.